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McDonald’s Menu Kingston, Ontario 2023

McDonald’s Menu Kingston, Ontario is a well-known global fast-food chain that has been serving its customers for over 70 years. Founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, McDonald’s has grown to become one of the most recognized and popular fast-food chains worldwide, with over 39,000 locations in more than 100 countries.

One of those locations can be found in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This particular McDonald’s restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items, including breakfast options, burgers and sandwiches, chicken and fish, salads, sides and snacks, beverages, and desserts. In addition to its standard menu, the Kingston location also offers special deals and promotions, including value meals, limited-time offers, and coupons.

This content outline will provide an overview of McDonald’s menu in Kingston, Ontario, including its offerings, nutrition information, and special deals and promotions. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the area, McDonald’s in Kingston is sure to have something that will satisfy your cravings.

McDonald’s Menu Kingston, Ontario

Category Menu Items
Breakfast – Egg McMuffin – Sausage McMuffin with Egg – Bacon n’ Egg McMuffin – Hotcakes and Sausage – Hash Browns- Bagel with Cream Cheese
Burgers and – Big Mac – Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese – McChicken – Filet-O-Fish – Cheeseburger – Hamburger – Double Cheeseburger – Double Hamburger – Quarter Pounder Deluxe
Sandwiches – Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese – McDouble – Double McChicken – Junior Chicken – Mighty Angus Original – Mighty Angus Bacon and Cheese
Chicken and Fish – 6-piece Chicken McNuggets – 10-piece Chicken McNuggets – 20-piece Chicken McNuggets – Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal – Chicken Snack Wrap (Grilled or Crispy) – Filet-O-Fish – Double Filet-O-Fish
Salads – Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad – Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken – Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
Sides and Snacks – French Fries (Small, Medium, Large) – Poutine – Apple Slices – Side Salad – Mozzarella Sticks – Chicken and Bacon Poutine – Chips Ahoy! McFlurry
Beverages – Coca-Cola (Small, Medium, Large) – Diet Coke (Small, Medium, Large) – Sprite (Small, Medium, Large) – Fanta Orange (Small, Medium, Large) – Nestea Iced Tea (Small, Medium, Large) – McCafe Premium Roast Coffee (Small, Medium, Large) – Iced Coffee (Small, Medium, Large) – Hot Chocolate (Small, Medium, Large) – McCafe Latte (Small, Medium, Large)
Desserts – Baked Apple Pie – McFlurry (Oreo, M&M’s, Skor) – Vanilla Cone – Chocolate Sundae – Strawberry Sundae

Mcdonald's Menu Kingston, Ontario

McDonald’s Menu Kingston, Ontario Locations

Address : 1165 Division St, Kingston, ON K7K 5W3, Canada

  • 2658 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7P 2W6, Canada
  • 533 Gardiners Rd, Kingston, ON K7M 3Y3, Canada
  • 705 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd., Kingston, ON K7M 1A3, Canada
  • Canadian Forces Base, 7 Niagara Park, Kingston, ON K7K 7C1, Canada
  • 1130 Midland Ave, Kingston, ON K7P 2X9, Canada
  • 312 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L 1B6, Canada

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McDonald’s Menu Kingston, Ontario Opening Hours

Monday, 7 am–11 pm
Tuesday, 7 am–11 pm
Wednesday, 7 am–11 pm
Thursday, 7 am–11 pm
Friday, 7 am–11 pm
Saturday, 7 am–11 pm
Sunday, 7 am–11 pm

Nutrition Information

Nutrition information is an essential component of any food menu, and McDonald’s is no exception. To provide customers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their food choices, McDonald’s offers detailed nutrition information for each of its menu items.

One crucial aspect of nutrition information is calorie information. McDonald’s displays the calorie count for each menu item, allowing customers to choose options that fit their dietary needs and goals. This information can be especially helpful for individuals who are counting calories or trying to maintain a specific diet.

In addition to calorie information, McDonald’s also provides information on allergens and dietary restrictions. Customers can easily find out which menu items contain common allergens, such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, and wheat. This information can be vital for individuals with food allergies or intolerances who need to avoid certain ingredients.

Moreover, McDonald’s offers options for customers who are looking to eat healthier. The menu features salads, grilled chicken, and other options that are lower in calories and fat than some of the chain’s more indulgent offerings. McDonald’s also provides alternatives to high-calorie sides, such as apple slices or a side salad instead of French fries.

In conclusion, nutrition information is an essential part of McDonald’s menu. By providing calorie counts, allergen information, and options for healthier eating, McDonald’s helps customers make informed decisions about their food choices.


In conclusion, McDonald’s in Kingston, Ontario offers a wide variety of menu options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. From classic burgers and sandwiches to healthier options like salads, McDonald’s menu has something for everyone. They also offer various deals and promotions for customers to enjoy, including limited-time offers and value meals.

It’s important to note that McDonald’s also provides nutrition information for their menu items, allowing customers to make informed choices about what they eat. Additionally, they cater to customers with allergens or dietary restrictions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their meals.

If you’re in Kingston, Ontario, be sure to visit McDonald’s and indulge in their delicious food. With a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, McDonald’s is the perfect place to grab a quick meal or hang out with friends. So, why wait? Visit McDonald’s today and experience their amazing menu for yourself!

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